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A Photo of Rumaysah (2015)

Rumaysah Ebrahim (born 14th January 1997) is a undergraduate student studying BSc Media Production at De Montfort University.

Early Life

Rumaysah was born at the Leicester Royal Infirmary hospital. Her hobbies include; photography,swimming and playing snooker which she also follows as a sport and watching football. She supports Leicester City Football Club and Barcelona FC in the La liga football league.


Prior to high school Rumaysah attended Water Leys Primary school in Leicestershire shortly before joining Overdale Junior School.

2008-2013- Sir Jonathan North Community College: Rumaysah gained 9 GCSE's grades A*-C.

2013-2015- Wyggeston and Queen Elizabeth I College: Rumaysah then went on to study A Level Philsophy, Media Studies and Travel and Tourism.

2015-Present- De Montfort University Leicester: Rumaysah is currently pursuing a degree in BSc Media Production

Personal life

Rumaysah is the second youngest in her family. She has 3 elder sisters aged between 26 and 23 in addition to a younger brother aged 16. Her favourite holiday destinations include; Sharm El Sheikh, Istanbul and Dubai. Her favourite TV shows include Friends, How I met Your Mother,The Fresh Prince of Bell Air, One Tree Hill and the recent FX hit; American crime story - The people VS OJ Simpson. She is also a fan of American actors Denzel Washington and Ashton Kutcher; her favourite films of Denzel Washingtons' include; The Equalizer (2014), Flight (2012) and 2 guns (2013). Her favourite Ashton Kutcher films consist of; Just Married (2003), The Butterfly Effect (2004) and No Strings Attached (2011). Other favourite films of Rumaysah include; The Nutty Professor (1996), My Best Friends Wedding (1997), Pearl Harbour (2001),White Chicks (2004),The Change Up (2011) and all of the Fast and Furious films as well as many more. Her favourite comedians are Russell Howard, Mo Gillian and Kevin Hart. Rumaysah's favourite social media sites are Twitter and Instagram which she uses regularly. Rumaysah enjoys following a variety of runway and fashion modelling shows such as the Victoria Secret fashion shows. Her favourite supermodels are Adriana Lima and Candice Swanepoel

Blog posts (2015/16)

Media And More Is Rumaysah's blog on which she posts regularly onto. Here are some of her entries so far:

  • November 7th 2015 - My First Blog Post
    • In this blog Rumaysah discusses why she chose to do a degree in Media Production and her thoughts on the media. Includes images
  • November 8th 2015 - Youtube- Broadcast Yourself
    • In this blog Rumaysah talks about broadcasting service - Youtube. Includes Images, video embedded and External hyperlinks
  • November 30th 2015 - - The Greatest Advertisements
    • In this blog Rumaysah discusses different forms of advertisement, in addition to her favourite TV adverts. Includes images, video embedded and External hyperlinks
  • December 10th 2015 - - HTC ONE mini VS HTC ONE mini 2
    • In this blog Rumaysah compares the camera quality of the HTC ONE mini and the HTC ONE mini 2. Includes Images

Social Media group project blogs (2015/16)

- Group work wiki

  • March 13th 2016 - - Negativity on makeup
    • In this blog Rumaysah talks about the negative coverage makeup can recieve. Includes images and video embedded
  • March 15th 2016 - - How we promoted CRIMBEAUTY
    • In this blog Rumaysah discusses how her and her group promoted their social media project. Includes images and a video
  • March 15th 2016 - - Beauty and makeup hacks
    • In this blog Rumaysah discusses some makeup hacks and tips she uses. Includes images.
  • March 17th 2016 - - Makeup and me
    • In this blog Rumaysah interviews others on their opnions regarding makeup. Includes images.
  • March 17th 2016 - - product breakdown
    • In this blog Rumaysah gives a product breakdown on a look she recently wore. Includes images.

Component A - Survey of anti sugar campaigns

  • October 31st 2017 - Obesity Health Alliance Video Blog
    • In this Blog Rumaysah has attached a video blog talking about the OHA campaign and her own bad eating habits. Includes Images and a video

Component B - Social media project investigation

  • November 15th 2017 - How are Americans tackling obesity
    • In this blog post Rumaysah looks at the campaigns America currently have in place to tackle obesity. Includes Images and a video.
  • November 22nd 2017 - A discussion
    • In this blog post Rumaysah goes more into depth about a podcast she features in and discusses the rise in American food chains in England. Includes podcast and images.
  • November 29th 2017 - Starbucks Culture
    • In this blog post Rumaysah talks about Starbucks culture and hype in the UK and USA. Includes Images and Vox Pop.
  • December 6th 2017 - Food around the world VS the UK and USA
    • In this blog post Rumaysah compares diets around the world to that of the UK and USA. Includes images and a video.
  • December 12th 2017 - A Summary
    • In this blog post Rumaysah summarises the topic of the Uk and Usa eating habits. Includes images and a video.

Component C - Social media group project

Wiki entry links

  • November 8th 2015 - Photo Editing Apps
    • This wiki entry discusses some photo editing applications popularly used today

Rumaysah Ebrahim online portfolio

Tech 1002 Summary Of Learning Presentation

Rumaysah's Summary Of Learning

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