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Runescape is a MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) released in January 2001. The game is available to play for free or pay a subscription to gain extra features.

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Throughout the history of Runescape there have been 3 different iterations of the game. The first being Classic Runescape which was 2D version of the game with very low pixel graphics and limited skills. Runescape 2 then came out featuring more skills and a massive improvement on Graphics. More recently Runescape 3 was released using the HTML 5 browsers which features extremely high pixel graphics and lots of different visual settings to improve your overall gameplay.


The game takes place in a world named Gielinor which consists of kingdoms, regions and cities. Each player has their own customizable avatar and they can customize this avatar through different haircuts, gender, armor and so on. Every played has the same number of skills which can be leveled from 1-99 from doing various repeatable processes throughout the game. This makes the game very 'Grindy' but is also the buy factor as you gain different benefits from the leveling the skills higher. When you reach 99 of any skill you get a special in-game cape the represents the skill and shows other players that you have completed this skill. Further experience can be gained once 99 but does not add to your level.

There are a few different types of combat available in the game including PvP which is only available in a certain area (Wilderness) but you can also PvP in a more safe setting which is Dueling (Duel Arena). Everywhere you travel in the game there are different monsters to kill which will be different levels and use different abilities from chickens to dragons and demons.

Throughout the game you can talk to NPCs and you some will give you quests that you can do and will add to your quest log. Once all quests are done you will get a cape signifying that similar to the skill capes.


The only platform Runescape is available on is PC but through the new HTML 5 system is can be played on touch screens.

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