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Early Life

Samuel (Sam) Joyce, was born in London and moved to Watford at the age of 9, after living in Neasden for a portion of his childhood. Moving to Watford was a big change for Sam as it was here he met many of his friends and established many of his likes and interests in terms of hobbies and education. Sam has supported Arsenal since the day he was born and will continue to do so until the day he dies. He has a passion for media production, more specifically editing and excelled at this in college.

Picture of Sam (Right)


Sam never enjoyed the subjects he was taught in school and decided to drop out of sixth form in order to study something he was passionate about. Through studying media production at College, Sam had a desire to pursue a degree in BSc Media Production at De Montfort University. This aspiring video editor has always used his artistic creativity to enhance his work and the media production course is allowing him to branch out into different fields.


Sam has always enjoyed Media but his other hobbies are focused mainly around sports. From a young age Sam enjoyed BMXing and rode skateparks and dirt jumps for around seven years before focusing more on Football and Long Distance running. Sam played for Bedmond FC, the same team that Ex-Footballer and current actor Vinnie Jones played for. He played in various positions on the field and was a part of Bedmond's most successful season as a club where in which they went unbeaten for the first time in the Under 18's history. Sam is the Treasurer of DMU's Boxing society and has been partaking in the sport for just over one year now.


Sam has worked in many jobs and has been employed since the age of 15 where in which he work in a local Trophy and Jewellers store engraving trophies and dealing with sales. His proudest achievement in this job was Engraving footballer Troy Deeney's player of the year Trophy. Sam went on to work in various supermarkets throughout school and worked his way up in a local leisure centre until eventually he gained his life guarding qualification and settled in this job until he moved to Leicester.

Personal Life

Sam once lent his PS3 controller to British Olympic gold medallist heavy weight boxer Anthony Joshua and will tell you about it whenever he gets the chance. He also trains in his local leisure centre with Anthony Joshua's younger brother, Jacob Joshua. Since being a DMU Sam has been workking towards a different career path than initially intended as he plans on joining the military upon completion of his degree.


Vinnie Jones

Troy Deeney

Anthony Joshua

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