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Scandal is an American political thriller TV series produced by numerous amounts of producers, including Merri D. Howard, Tom Verica, and Judy Smith. The show appears on ABC, Netflix and started from April 5, 2012 and is still an on-going series.


Olive Pope(Kerry Washington)is a former communications director in the white House for the President of the United States. She decides to dedicate her life to protecting the public image of the nation but finds that no matter how hard she tries, she can’t leave her past behind. The first season introduces Olivia Pope and the various members of her firm. The season focuses on all their lives and the relationship she has with the President.


Kerry Washington- Olivia Pope

Henry Ian Cusick- Stephen Finch

Columbus short- Harrison Wright

Darby stanchfield- Abby Whelan

Katie Lowes- Quinn Perkins

Guillermo Diaz- Huckleberry “huck” Finn

Jeff Perry- Cyrus Beene

Tony Goldwyn- Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III

Joshua Malina- David Rosen

Bellamy Young- Melody Grant

Scott Foley- Jake Ballard

Series Overview

Season 1: 2012 The first season introduced Olivia Pope and members of her firm, as well as the president of the United States. Season one focused on the relationship between Olivia and the president, the lives of the team members and the mystery surrounding Amanda Tanners involvement with the White house.

Season 2: 2012-2013 Season two focuses on the stress of the re-election for the current President Fitzgerald, and also the fallout over guilt that he felt for not truly earning his first term in the office. Also included the cases Olivia Pope and members of her firm took on.

Season 3: 2013-2014 On May 10 2013, the show was renewed for a third season, in which it announced Olivia Popes love interest Jake, played by Scott Foley. Scandal premiered the third season on October 3rd and was shortened by four episodes to 18 episodes, ending in mid-April, in order to accommodate Kerry Washington’s pregnancy.

Season 4: 2014-2015 The show was renewed on the 8th may 2014 for a fourth season. Season four teaser trailer: Scandal Season Four

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