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Sebastian Heinath is a Erasmus Exchange student, currently studying Media Production B.A. at Hochschule Furtwangen University. in Baden-Wuertemberg, Germany.
His blog can be accessed here.


Sebastian Heinath


2017 Blog Posts

Assessment A: Jamie’s Food Revolution and Sugar Smart Blog post

In this Blog post Sebastian talks about the "Jamie’s Food Revolution" and the "Sugar Smart" campaign in a short video and wrote about his opinion on the campaigns and the sugar-tax discussion.

Assessment B:

1: Daily Christmas Mail Blog post

In this first Post of Assessment B, he talks about how the Daily Mail addresses their audience with an article about nutrition at Christmas and how the audience responds to this.

2: The Backfire Effect Blog post

This post covers further Daily Mail articles and how the backfire effect may shape the reception of these articles.

3: Christmas on Youtube Blog post

This blog covers how Youtube and the Youtube community treats the topic of Christmas treats, and how this treatment could be dangerous for the next generation.

4: A Turkish Christmas Blog post

This blog is an interview with a friend of mine, who is Muslim, choc-a-holic and Christmas lover. It reflects on how people without religious connection to Christmas see the holidays.

5: Reflexive Video Blog

In this final blog post, I'm summarizing and reflecting what I have learned throughout this Assesment.