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Selina Sandhu

Selina Sandhu

Selina Sandhu was born on the 22nd of November 1993. She is currently studying BSc Media Production at De Montfort University, Selina is currently living in Leicester which has been her hometown for 20 years. She has had a part time job for 4 years which is based over on the weekends, Friday to Saturday. She has a mum and dad and two older brothers.

Selina loves attending concerts to people she enjoys listening to such as Usher, Trey Songz, Beyonce and plenty more fabulous people in the Celebrity industry. Selina enjoys going to the cinemas to see the latest films as soon as they have been released, she doesn't waste no time. In her spare time she loves catching up with The Mindy Project, Big Bang Theory and is the biggest fan of Hollyoaks recently. Shopping is a major hobby, loves spending the money she earns and then moans when shes broke.

Research Plan

Implementing a plan over the Christmas break to observe and interview 10 participants with media online. Below will be a research plan that will be put into place, it will cover the way of which it will be held.

“Looking at how people react to online food websites when browsing online”.

What? The plan is to research into people’s reactions when browsing certain websites. By examining the way people think and talk this research will under go by having interviews and observations, the reason to the interview is to examine how a person’s reaction will control the way what food they pick.

When? Interviews will go ahead on the 9th Of December, this is will on going from the start date. The plan will undertake during the Christmas break. They will then schedule to start.

Where? It is important that the observation and interview will take place in a mutual, comfortable environment. Being conducted in a comfortable environment, this will be the way to ensure an informal flowing conversation with the participant.

Who? Order for the results to produce a range of different perspective, a large group will be questioned and observed over. Looking at a different range of ages and gender will give diverse results.

How? An observation will take place unknowingly as they start to browse the websites, gaining more insight. The one to one interview will then take place at the same time. Interviews will be open ended. First question will start “What do you like about what you see”. As the first question is open it will allow conversation to escalate between the interviewer and interviewee. All responses will be voice recorded, in order to allow the participant to feel comfortable when talking to the interviewer. Notes will be made as the observation takes place; this will take place in a friendly environment as the participant won’t feel pressured. As it is an observation and interview within itself an ethical form will be filled in by the participant for agreement reasons.

Two websites which will be looked at are:

The choices of websites were shortlisted down to two from the choice of Aldi, Asda, Tesco, M&S, Iceland and Sainsbury’s. Background research was done at first, once it was completed, the choices were made. Iceland was chosen, as it was student friendly, popular in the media and affordable. M&S was chosen as it was on the opposite side of the spectrum; it was more up market and for the older generation. Having that information, the choice was then made to use two completely different supermarkets for the research plan. This would give a broad range of quantitative data for this research that will take place.

Tracking steps of the observation online:

Tracking the observation process online, will allow the participant to have a look at what they expect to be questioned and observed on, this will put them more at ease. This will help the research plan run smoothly. Storify contains adverts of the particular websites which the participants will be looking at, as well as social trends. This is to give them some knowledge on what to expect.


All participants felt at ease when taking part in the observation. The questions that were planned out were the following:

1. What do you like about what you see? 2. Don’t you feel that you need all this right now? 3. Would this be part of your shopping list? 4. Why do you feel the need to get sugary foods? 5. Does it look tempting?

These questions were asked when observing. From the notes I took, this is my overall conclusion of the research. The participants liked the idea of the M&S advert; they seemed to be drawn into the pictures online immediately. This gave a knock on effect towards the rest, as they started to talk about the images shown in detail, an example of how it was said was “This brownie would taste even nice with the chocolate melted”, By knowing their thought process it made me automatically think they were drawn in to that picture. On the other hand looking at Iceland was totally different, they were quick to choose from the items shown; they immediately went to the freezer section as they said it was good value. They also discussed amongst themselves M&S would be better value for fresh food, considering I did the research on students, I was impressed. It was fast browsing on the Iceland website where as they took time on the M&S website, they put the timing down to quality of food. All participants had many views on each website, having seen and heard what was said depending on the image quality, and choice was either an easy or hard decision to make. The detail of an image played upon the participants minds to choose certain items.


  • To observe a variety of media methods. Posters and banner ads etc.
  • To aim to a broad audience, engage and acknowledge different ages to give more quantitative data.
  • Have more than one focus group other than one on just M&S. This will give different opinions about food on-line, it will also give the research more awareness of food adverts on-line next time.

Social Media Campaign

As part of the social media module raising low carb awareness was our main priority. Being part of the events team selina took part doing several aspects of participation with the team. Below are sections where selina had input in throughout the process.

Wiki Links

  • Contacting People[1] Selina started a new sub heading, to state who has been contacted and why through our journey. This gives the reader a feel of who was contacted and why.
  • Description of schedulling[2] Selina wrote a brief description underneath the table to explain what team will be doing when, to ensure that everything is set and booked.
  • BMI Checks[3] A list of events were written down, Selina added in BMI Checks as that was part of the participating events that week.
  • Teams[4] Selina wrote a brief description on her participation towards the events team during the process and the lead up.
  • Feedback[5] Created a new section for day to day feedback when the events have taken place. She wrote the feedback given on the 16/03/2015 event day.
  • Campaign Handover[6] Selina also gave all instructions for the event number 2 which will be taking place on the 17/03/2015.

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