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Shefali Hunjan

(born 17th September 1995) is a undergraduate BSC Media Production student at De Montfort University (present to 2018). Shefali grew up in the heart of United Kingdom, London and recently moved to Leicester to complete her studies at De Montfort University. Shefali loves her course and the media world in general and she recently joined the media society and is now a fashion writer for the Demon Media magazine. Shefali loves blogging as well and has recently created a blog page for her social media and technology module at university, the blogspot page.


Shefali was born in Harrow, London and has lived there all her life where she attended Claremont High School for her early education and moved to Hatch End Sixth Form to continue her A Levels. Shefali studied A Level Media, Photography and Philosophy. Shefali produced a lifestyle fashion magazine for her A Level media coursework in which she received top grades in.

BSC Media Production

Shefali studies Media Production at De Montfort University, she received a conditional offer in December 2014 and she firmly accepted it in January 2015. Shefali enjoys university and her course, she is currently a fashion writer at Demon Media magazine and online and has written an article on How to look smart, sexy and casual at the same time.

How can one look perfect on a night out

Blog Posts

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