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Shrek is a fictional ogre created by American author, William Steig, who appears as the main protagonist in books of the same name, and in eponymous films by DreamWorks Animation. He is the main protagonist of the book and the movies. The name "Shrek" is derived from the German word, Schreck, and the Yiddish word, both meaning "fright" or "terror". Shrek is voiced by Mike Myers (and is the only animated role Myers has done in his career), although it was planned to be voiced by Chris Farley before his death in 1997, and played by Brian d'Arcy James in the musical. The Shrek films follow Shrek, his wife Fiona and his best friend Donkey on their many adventures and life struggles.


Shrek (Mike Myers) is a green ogre who always loves living peacefully in the swamp. However, he finds many fairytale creatures disrupting his privacy. This is because of the order by Lord Farquaad. Shrek goes along with Donkey to ask Farquaad to give his privacy back. Farquaad wants to be King by marrying Princess Fiona to be Queen.


  • Shrek - Voiced by Mike Myers
  • Fiona - Voiced by Cameron Diaz
  • Donkey - Voiced by Eddie Murphy
  • Lord Farquaad - Voiced by John Lithgow
  • Dragon

Other Movies

Name Release date
Shrek 2 March 19th 2004
Shrek The Third May 18th 2007
Shrek Forever After May 16th 2010

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