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Simon is a Senior Lecturer in the Leicester Media School, in the Faculty of Technology at De Montfort University. Previously, he has been Programme Leader for Radio Production & Technology BSc, and currently leads Media Production BSc.

Simon has been a broadcast journalist, multimedia journalist, radio presenter, radio producer and syndication producer for a variety of commercial companies, though spent most of his decade in the UK radio industry with first Galaxy Network (now the Capital Network), and then the BBC Asian Network. Career highlight: producing Carl Cox live from Space nightclub in Ibiza during summer 2002.

2017 is his 20th year in work, and his tenth in Higher Education.

Simon had an itinerant young life, moving five times within England and Scotland before starting primary school, finally leaving Montrose and the wind-straked east coast of Scotland for the slightly warmer climes of Lagos, Nigeria in West Africa - 6 degrees north of the Equator.

Arguably, it was the daily gathering around the LW receiver to listen to the BBC World Service that began to embed his love for disembodied voices emanating from speakers.

Simon's family returned to England in 1984, and after a brief stint down south in Sussex, they settled in Birmingham.

Simon completed secondary education in Brum, before working on a sheep farm in the Australian outback for a year, then completing his first degree in Journalism at The University of Sheffield.