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Snapchat is a photo messaging app available on smart phones. Users can take photos and record short videos and add text and/or drawings before sending them to a list of applicants. Users set a time limit of between 1 and 10 seconds for how long the recipient views the photo. After the photo is viewed, it is deleted from the device and permanently removed from Snapchat server. Users can add pictures and videos to their 'Story' which can be viewed by all their friends for 24 hours.

According to Snapchat in May 2014, the app's users were sending 700 million photos and videos per day, while Snapchat Stories content was being viewed 500 million times per day. The company has a valuation of $10–$20 billion depending on various sources.


Snapchat was created through a project at Stanford University by Brown and Spiegel. Spiegel was a product design major, and the app was originally called 'Picaboo'. The pair later brought Murphy into the Project to code the application. It was first launched in July 2011 under the name Picaboo and was later relaunched under the name Snapchat.


Snapchat Stories are used by various well-known figures such as bloggers, comedians and designers as a way of connecting with their fan-base. Well-known figures Snapchat Stories can be viewed instantly once added unlike adding an ordinary person. Having someone well-known on Snapchat was arguably made famous by model Chelsea Ferguson, however after some time her account was closed by Snapchat as they believed her Snapchat Stories were not appropriate and didn't reflect the vision of the app.


Snapchatters: Snapchatters are Snapchat users.

Snap: A Snap is a photo or video taken with Snapchat, but it can only be viewed by the recipient for a limited amount of time (1 to 10 seconds).

Snapback: A Snapback is a reply to your Snap.

Story: A Story is a Snap available for Recipients to view for 24 hours and can view it an unlimited amount of times. You can add many stories to your story and the multiple stories in one day will be compiled to create one viewable Story.

Scores: Your Score is the total number of Snaps you have sent and received.

Chat: Chat is a feature that lets you privately message with friends on Snapchat.