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Official SoundCloud Logo

SoundCloud is an online platform for audio distribution based in Berlin, Germany. The aim of SoundCloud is to allow anybody to record and upload any sound for them to share privately with friends to publicly to social networking sites or their own personal blog. SoundCloud is a very accessible platform too, being accessible anywhere by being compatible with all computers, tablets or phones.

The founders of the business are Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss who are also the chief executive officer (CEO) and chief technical officer (CTO), respectively.

According to the company’s data in December 2014, the service attracts more than 175 million unique monthly listeners, while content creators upload about 12 hours worth of audio every minute.


Although as previously stated that SoundCloud is based in Berlin, Germany. SoundCloud was originally founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2007 by Swedish sound designer Ljung and Swedish artist Wahlforss. The founders initially created the website as they aspired to allow musicians to share recordings with each other. However, the concept later transformed into a full publishing tool that also allowed musicians to distribute their music tracks.

A few months after creation, SoundCloud began to challenge the dominance of Myspace as a platform for musicians to distribute their music by allowing recording artists to interact more nimbly with their fans.

Since SoundCloud has taken over, Myspace has had a re-design and relaunch their website in a fight to try and beat their competitors.

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