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Splatoon is an upcoming 2015 third-person shooter developed and published by Nintendo. The game focuses on a war between Inklings, using weaponized ink to cover the most territory. The game was first revealed at E3 2014 and will release on the Wii U on May 29th 2015.


With the hope of invading the Inklings' world, the Octarians built an underground facility known as Octo Valley. After the disappearance of Zapfishes from the Inklings' world, the protagonist, wearing the Hero Suit, must infiltrate the base and rescue all the Zapfishes.


Turf War

The main mode of Splatoon, players are on teams of four and have to ink as much as the map as they can in their teams colour. Players have two forms, one human-esque form and a squid form. The human-esque form lets players ink the map by using a variety of weapons including, regular guns, sniper rifles and even paint rollers. The squid form lets players swim through their teams colour, this allows players to move faster and to remain invisible to the enemy though only when still. Teams are rewarded points based on how much of the map they have covered and not kills, at the end of the match the team with the most map covered in their ink wins.

Splat Zones

On teams of four, players are given the same choices as they are in Turf War, however the aim is not about covering the whole map but by keeping a certain zone on the map and counting down the 100 second timer for their team. It has been revealed by Nintendo that this mode won't be available when the game is released but will be released once enough people online have become rank 10 due to the highly competitive and fast based gameplay of this mode.

Battle Dojo

A one-on-one match where players have to pop the most balloons in a set time, with the first to 30 points being the winner. When killed players lose points and balloons will only appear in a set area every 10 seconds. The maps in this mode are the same as in Turf War.

Hero Mode

In the single player story, players must take control of an Inkling and rescue all the Zapfishes from the Octarians in a puzzle/platforming mode. Using the same mechanics as the multiplayer modes, players must take down as many enemies as possible with a set amount of health, however power ups are scattered around the locations.


  • Splatoon is a portmanteau of "splat" and "platoon". This fits the game's theme perfectly, as it focuses on platoons that splatter coloured ink.
  • Splatoon was originally going to be a game featuring Super Mario characters, however this was changed in development in order to make use of the squid aspect, however the squids bare a resemblance to the Bloopers in the Super Mario series.