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Star Wars is a Space Opera franchise centred around the film series of the same name. The franchise was created by the American Director George Lucas, also wrote all six films. The film series consists of two trilogies, The Original Trilogy and the Prequel Trilogy. The films are also next to the thousands of additional content that fills the franchise's Expanded Universe, which maintained the franchise for sixteen years between the the trilogies. Star Wars' core story revolves around a galaxy that is filled with a mystical energy called the Force, which is divided into the light side and the dark side. Out of these two sides come the series' main Protagonists and Antagonists, The Jedi (light) and the Sith (dark). The weapons of the Jedi and the sith, the lightsaber, as become a popular icon, with pieces of film, television, and literature all referencing it.

Star Wars belonged to 20th Century Fox, who owned it for more than thirty years until October 2012 when Disney bought the rights to the Star Wars Franchise. This signalled changes including the retconning of the Expanded Universe and then end of LucasArts, a gaming subsidiary of LucasFilm. A Sequel Trilogy is now being planned and produced with the first, Star Wars: The Force Awakens coming out in December 2015.