Stop Motion Animation

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Stop motion animation is very difficult but awarding when achieved. It is the process of recording each individual movement frame by frame so when it is all pieced together at the end, it will create a moving image.

Different Ways to Create Stop Motion

There are many different advance process which can be used for stop motion. But for amateurs, the process usually falls into two separate categories:

Examples By Experts

Stop motion has been used in a lot of films. Animators Tim Burton and Nick Park are some of the more famous people for using this process. Films such as A Nightmare Before Christmas (1993), Chicken Run (2000), Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, (2005), are are to name just a few of some of the biggest stop motion films out there.

Examples By Amateurs

There are many anateur stop motion artists which use different methods to create their films. There are many artists out there such as Jean Vanier and Alan Travers.

These artists have used their photography and drawing skills in order to create stories for their audience.

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