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Storie is a filmmaking and video sharing app produced for iPhone, co-created by YouTuber Nick Miller. Storie is an app that allows the user to record short clips that are then added together to create one daily video. Storie was promoted by various YouTube Bloggers such as Louis Cole and Ben Brown up until its release in late 2014. Since then the app has received an update on the 13th March 2015 which allows the user to find 'Stories' a lot easier and navigate easier between the clips within a 'Storie'.

Despite there being many video sharing apps on the market, Storie was regarded as an app that offered a easier way to video blog and create short films. Before the release of the app, a beta version was released that allowed a select number of people to use the app to gain feedback. Storie received a lot of positive feedback and although small, continues to develop as a social filmmaking app.