TECH1002 Social Media Group Project

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Component Three – Social Media Group Project (30%)

  • How do people use social media to do things with other people in the real world? How do people use social media to learn new practical skills? How do people interact and work collaboratively through social media to do things in the real world?
  • Using the DMU Commons Wiki as the main platform, you will work in a group of no more than four people to put together, develop, trail and reflect-on a ‘real-world’ social activity.
  • Your job will be to create and develop a ‘learning package’ using a dedicated page on the DMU Wiki that will help people to get together and to take part in your allocated activity.
  • Your job is to use social media to manage and develop this process, and to include people as participants and learners.

Groups and topics will be allocated in your lab sessions, but you will be allowed to ‘trade’ the topic with other groups. All trading must be completed by 5pm on Friday 18th December, when the list of topics and names will be fixed.

Social Activities List:

Time will be allocated in the lab sessions for the investigation and the the planning of the topics, so group membership is fixed by your lab session.

Your final Social Media Group Project Wiki page will include:

  • A definition of what your project is.
  • Examples of this type of activity being undertaken elsewhere.
  • Instructions and essential information about getting started.
  • Examples of how your group has tried out the activities.
  • Video footage, photographs, audio capture, blog write-ups, links to Tweets, Facebook Groups, Google Groups, pages, and so on, that show how the activity was undertaken.
  • Comments from participants from beyond the group that have been drawn-in to join the group and participate in the activity.

Blog Journal: You are expected to keep a journal that records your involvement and level of participation through the process of developing your Social Media Group Project.

Entries will be posted to your blog each week and listed on your personal wiki profile page.

Minimum Work: Ten blog posts published each week 12 to Week 21. Deadline: Week 21 (before Easter break), 6pm Friday 18th March. Marking & Feedback by: End of Week 23 (after Easter break).