Tanja Langer

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Tanja Langer

Tanja takes part in an Erasmus Exchange program for 3 months starting in October 2015. She studys Media Design at Furtwangen University in Germany. In her spare time she likes to do sports like running, badminton, cycling and skiing or does creative work such as knitting, crocheting, sewing, drawing, painting and baking.

In her first year at university she decided to plan a stay abroad what finally came true. After a lot of paperwork and complicated application processes she can finally state that all this was worth it! She got accepted for the Media Production course at De Montfort University in Leicester.

She didn’t really have the time to get prepared for the stay, so she was thrown into the British lifestyle. Things like lefts-sided traffic, the pound, strange plugs with 3 pins, soft squared bread loafs, tea with milk and marmalade for breakfast made her realize that she had entered a different culture although the flight took only about 1,5 hours. However after the first days she got used to it.

Tanja really likes De Montfort University. There is a lot of modern equipment available for media productions, the atmosphere is very friendly and the sports and leisure activities offered are great. So she purchased a gym membership and signed up for Campus 330 program which offers sports like Badminton for only 1 pound per session, with no need to buy a full university sports club membership. There are several sports teams at University and if She would stay longer than 3 months, she would love to join some of the sports teams.

Tanja chose the following modules: Advanced Imaging Technology, Advanced Social Media Production, Advanced 3D Modelling and Animation as well as Printmaking which is a Graphic Design Year 1 module.

She hopes to improve her language skills and looks forward to travel within Britain.

Tanja started a Food-Blog which is the main coursework for the module Social Media Production, where the students did research about the diet of the modern society and the dangers of a high sugar consumption.

She enjoyed her time in Britain, because she got to know a lot of new people from all over the world and gained some professional skills for her course of studies that she will finish after the next semester.