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Team Fortress 2 is a team based game with 9 classes. Created by Valve, it is the sequel to Team Fortress.


There are a variety of gamemodes which include; Payload, Special Delivery, Arena, King of the Hill, Control Points, Mann Versus Machine, Capture the Flag, Attack and defence, Payload Race and Saxton Hale.


Class Weapon
Scout Scattergun
Medic Medi Gun
Pyro Flame Thrower
Soldier Rocket Jumper
Demoman Grenade Launcher


There are 9 classes in the game; Scout, Soldier, Pyro, Demoman, Heavy, Engineer, Medic, Sniper, and Spy.

Class Health Speed Type
Scout 125/185 133% Offensive
Soldier 200/300 80% Offensive
Pyro 175/260 100% Offensive
Demoman 175/260 93% Defensive
Heavy 300/450 77% Defensive
Engineer 125/185 100% Defensive
Medic 150/225 107% Support
Sniper 125/185 100% Support
Spy 125/185 100% Support


The fastest class in the game, the scout is the ideal class for completing objectives quickly. His double jump means he is best at avoiding oncoming missiles and his ability to capture control points and push the cart at the rate of 2 people. These abilities mean that he is also ideal for capturing the intelligence; The scout's main weapons include a scattergun, a pistol and a bat; meaning that he's great for quick-hit-and-run as his health is the lowest out of all of the classes.

His place of origin is believed to be Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Scout Card.png


Strong, well armed, versatile, capable of both defence and offence the Soldier is a great starter class for new people to the game

The Soldier is known for his Rocket Jump. If the player shoots a rocket at his feet, the player will launch himself upwards at the cost of some of his health (unless the Rocket Jumper is equipped) this allows the soldier to access locations even off limits to the Scout's double jump.

The two grenades that the Soldier has are cosmetic and cannot be used unless the player uses the kamikaze taunt, only used when the Equaliser or the Escape Plan was equipped.

Location of origin: Midwest, USA

Steam Game Card Soldier.png


The Sniper is a tough and deadly shot. The Snipers main role is to pick off enemy targets from a distance using his trusty Sniper Rifle and his ability to kill a target with a headshot. He is effective at a distance but weakens when he is forced to used his Sub Machine Gun or his Kukri. The snipers are mainly found pitching on higher grounds or in hard to see places where he can easily pick off opponents.

The Sniper can also use the Huntsman (a bow and arrow) to pick of enemy's at a closer distance additionally the Sydney Sleeper and the Jarate allowing the Sniper to take on a support role by soaking enemy's in Jarate to cause mini-crits.

Location of origin: New Zealand

Steam Game Card Sniper.png


The Spy, a sharp suited and fan of sharp knifes from France. He relies on stealth techniques to help his team. Using an array of cloaking watches, which can turn him invisible or even fain his death, as well his disguise kit lets him disguise himself as one of the classes from the opposing team. His knife is the strongest of his weapons, if used from behind one swift stab will kill any opponent provided the opponent isn't under invincibility, huge damage reduction or the sniper using the Razorback.

In addition the Spy also has the ability to disable Engineer's constructed buildings with his sapper. Once attached to an enemy building the Sapper will put the building out of use and slowly drains health. However an engineer or a Pyro with the Homewrecker, maul or Neon Annihilator equipped can destroy the Sapper.

The Spy also can use enemy teleporter and can use this to blend among the enemy team. The Spy can also view the enemy's health and names.

His location of origin is a remote location in France.

Steam Game Card Spy.png


The Demoman is a drunk demolitions expert hailing from the Scottish Highlands and is one of the more versatile members of the team. An explosives expert, the Demoman deals in mid-range combat and massive splash damage. Armed with his Grenade Launcher and Sticky Bomb Launcher, the Demoman uses his eye and the surroundings for well time detonations and send the flying in many pieces. As well as explosives, he's proficient in melee combat, being one of the deadliest melee classes in the game,with the variety of powerful melee weapons in his arsenal

Place of origin: Ullapool, Scotland, United Kingdom

Steam Game Card Demoman.png


The Engineer specialises in constructing and maintaining buildings that support the team, rather than taking part in the frontline action himself. His main offensive building is a Sentry Gun, which is an automated turret that fires at any enemy which comes within range of it. He can also build a Dispenser, a device which can restore the health of fellow teammates and provide ammunition, as well as a set of Teleporters, moving players from one location to another quickly.

He can use his Wrench to fix these buildings, however he can use it as a melee weapon if he comes under fire from other enemies, in particular the Spy which will try and destroy his buildings by 'sapping' them. He also has 2 general guns in case of combat.

His location of origin is Bee Cave, Texas, USA

Steam Game Card Engineer.png


Primary healing class and the second fastest class in the game. His main weapons; the Syringe Gun and Bonesaw, aren't the best for combat, but his Medi Gun means that he is useful on the frontline healing other teammates. The Medi Gun can heal a teammate up to 150% of of their base health. When healing a teammate, the special 'Ubercharge' bar on the Medi Gun begins to fill up and when it reaches 100%, the Medic can use it on the teammate and himself, to make them temporarily invulerable for 8 seconds.

Although the Medic cannot heal himself, his health slowly recharges over time and is the only class in the game to do so naturally.

His location of origin is believed to be Rottenburg, Germany.

Steam Game Card Medic.png


The slowest class in the game, the Heavy Weapons Guy, often referred to as Heavy, has the most health out of all the classes. The Heavy can inflict the most amount of damage and firepower thanks to his Minigun, allowing him to mow down most enemies in his path.

His main weakness is his slow speed, meaning that he has to be supported by the Engineer and Medic, as he becomes an easy target for the Sniper and Spy. The Heavy can also support his team by throwing a 'Sandvich', a droppable item which grants his teammates a health boost. However this item can also be picked up by enemies, so he has to be careful where he drops it.

His location of origin is Dzhugdzhur Mountains, Khaborvsk Krai, USSR

Steam Game Card Heavy.png


The Pyro is a class who fights best at close range using the Flame Thrower, where enemies will be set on fire and will continue to take damage from the afterburn a few seconds afterwards. Due to being more weak at long-ranged attacks, the Pyro is best at ambushing enemies and taking alternate routes to catch them off-guard.

Although an offensive class, the Pyro can use the airblast from his Flame Thrower to put out flames from fellow teammates and forcibly repel any oncoming enemies. As well, in the game mode Man Vs Machine, the Pyro can airblast the enemy carrying the bomb away from the final point. He can also use the Flame Thrower for checking for spies, as they will often disguise as his teammates.

His location of origin is unknown.

Steam Game Card Pyro.png