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The New 52 graphic novel front cover.

In 2011, DC Comics set about re-launching the publication of 52 comic series, under ‘The New 52’ age, each beginning with issue #1. ‘The New 52’ got its name from the company's links with the number 52, beginning with the publication of the 52 weekly series, revealing the fact that 52 parallel universes exist within the world of DC Comics.

DC Comics decided to have total of 93 ongoing titles, staggering each release with some titles discontinuing publication, making way for new ones to pick up. This is said to go on until June 2015, with the company announcing that they will stop using the "New 52" branding after this period; subsequently, ending upon the completion of the ‘Convergence’ comic series.


The publications were initially divided into seven groupings, relating each to main characters and/or themes.

Justice League



Green Lantern

Young Justice

The Edge

The Dark

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