Total War: Rome 2

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Total War: Rome 2 is a Turn Based & Real Time Strategy game for PC developed by Creative Assembly where you command an Empire or Faction in the Classical Period.


There are 2 different game modes playable in Rome 2.

  • Campaigns
  • Battles


The Campaign game modes are a mixture of Turn Based Strategy, and Real Time Strategy.

You start by choosing a faction, each faction has a set a bonus attributes and penalties. Once you've chosen your faction the game begins and you're given one of three objectives in order to complete the Campaign.

  • Military Objective/Victory
  • Economic Objective/Victory
  • Cultural Objective/Victory

The tasks given to complete these objectives are different for depending on the faction you choose.

You complete one of these Objectives by using your armies to take Settlements or Cities, your gold to pay your way to victory or by spreading your Culture through captured territory.


Battles are focused on the Real Time Strategy gameplay. In this game mode you start by selecting your faction, and then choosing the Units you wish to use in Battle. The objective in this game mode is to defeat the enemy army. Before the Battle begins you start by placing your Units where you want them in a select area of the map. Once the Battle begins your Units respond to your orders in real time and you may attack the enemy.

Once the enemies Units begin to flee and leave the battlefield you claim Victory, should your Units flee instead however you suffer Defeat. Once the battles over you're given the statistics of how well each unit performed.