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Twitter is an online platform that enables users to send 140-character messages. The aim of Twitter is to allow people to send and view short messages with the people who follow them (followers) and then receive the messages from those who you follow (following). Twitter's unique policy of only allowing consumers to send 140 character messages is what sets it apart from other services.

It enables people to publish their everyday thoughts and activities by sending 'tweets' that are of 140 characters or less, and read the same on your timeline. You can include photos, videos, hashtags, tag other people and create links in your tweets. It was created in March 2006 and was published by July 2006. The site quickly became successful and gained huge popularity. It allows users to be connected with the outside world, linking the most famous celebrities with the rest of the ordinary world.


Twitter was conceived in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone and Noah Glass. The service was then properly launched in July 2006. The service has since rapidly grown to having a user base of over 500 million users with over half of these users being described as active.

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