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Xenoblade Chronicles, known in Japan as Xenoblade, is a role-playing video game published by Nintendo and developed by Monolith Soft for the Wii console. The game was released as a Japan exclusive game in 2010 but due to high demand, the game was localised for Europe and released in 2011, with a US released in 2012.


The game conveys the feeling of freedom to the player through large, open environments, and is not as focused on cutscenes and story as its sibling games Xenogears and Xenosaga. Xenoblade Chronicles has an action-based battle system where normal attacks will happen automatically at intervals, similar to the set up in Final Fantasy XII. However, everything else is done manually, including movement of the character the player is using, which plays an integral role into Shulk's special attacks. Special attacks recharge separately when used and are set by the player on a "battle palette" at the bottom of the screen. The game also has the "Visions" system, where the player can see glimpses of the future, and try to react or prevent it from happening.

The game has a number of features labeled as "Time Saving Support Features". For instance, while the game has a day and night time cycle, players can "wind the clock" to the time they want to go to, rather than just letting time elapse. Additionally, while the game is about exploration, many warp points have been added to aid in traversing the land. The game also sports a "save anywhere" feature, a feature relatively rare among the console RPG genre.

Another of the game's systems is the "affinity system," in which characters can partake in many optional sidequests with non-player characters. Completing such quests can alter perception of the character in the towns, and open up additional story sequences.

The game has extensive customization, such as being able to change the character's outfits, and having those changes be seen in battle, field, and even event scenes.


Xenoblade Chronicles 3D

Xenoblade Chronicles was announced alongside the New Nintendo 3DS in late-2014 and was eventually released in April 2015. The game is so far the only exclusive New Nintendo 3DS game, due to the larger processing power the handheld has. New features will include using the bottom screen as a map, and the new Collection Mode allowing the ability to view the game's 3D models from any angle in the Model Viewer, and listen to the musical score in the Jukebox. This Collection Mode will be unlocked thanks to the amiibo of Shulk compatibility.

References in Future Games

  • Xenoblade's main character, Shulk, was announced as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U alongside the announcement of Xenoblade Chronicles 3D. Both Dunban and Riki appear in his Final Smash and Riki appears as an Assist Trophy, while the other characters appear as collectable trophies. Gaur Plain also appears as a stage in both the 3DS version and Wii U, with Metal Face appearing in the Wii U version. Many music tracks from the game were ported onto the stage.
  • A spiritual sequel known as Xenoblade Chronicles X was announced in 2013 and set to release in April 2015 in Japan and late 2015 everywhere else. One of the main characters has Monado hairpins while the Nopon also make a reappearance.