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Zamzam Maganga Was born on the 1st July 1993. Zamzam is a 21 year old media production student at De Montfort University Leicester. Prior to this Zamzam was studying digital film and TV production at a media institution in Nottingham called Confetti. Zamzam is originally from Tanzania born in Dar es Salaam, from which she moved to the UK in October 1995 age 2. Zamzam has lived in London (North, East, & West), East Oxford, Milton Keynes, Nottingham, and Leicester. In her spare time she enjoys binge watching supernatural series such as Teen Wolf [1], True Blood [2], Supernatural [3], The Originals [4] , The Secret Circle [5], Witches of East End [6].

Tech3022 Social Media Research Plan

Creating a plan that shall observe children responses to food and how their parents feed them.

For this research Zamzam plan's to observe her family over the period of Christmas break, looking at their relationship with food and sugar.

What : Observation of an individuals reaction to food, by keeping a close eye on children's reaction when it comes healthy food vs. junk food whether it be from watching TV to going out with parents or staying in.

When : Research shall commence from the Christmas break where video sequences and still images shall be captured and shall continue throughout January. This is a good period of time for the research to undergo as children are off from school.

Where : Research shall be taken by video and still images as well as having one to one discussions with parents on how they manage to feed their children. This shall all be in the comfort of the family members' home where they can speak freely without hesitation.

Who : Participants shall include children between the ages of 8 - 13 as well as the parent who is a single mother and university student, this shall allow one to have a wide range of results.

How : This shall be achieved by recording and capturing images of family members (Adults & children with permission) looking at what they eat why they ate it etc. as well as taking down notes when having one to one discussions. I shall make it clear to them that their videos shall only be seen by the tutor of this module and shall not be publicized anywhere as it is only for research purposes, and lastly observation can take place at anytime of day.

Conclusion : From conducting this, the researcher found that being a lone parent does not make it easy when looking at the diets of children. The participant didn't want her name to known so she agreed on being referred to as K.

Through speaking to K one on one she shared the difficulties of being a single mother and raising 4 kids as well as making sure they eat healthy. She says " Being a single mum is no walk in the park, I always try my best to feed my children healthy food but sometimes after a long day at university, school runs like football clubs, and Arabic school. The thought of having to go into the kitchen and to cook a healthy meal is daunting because my children are picky. They see the adverts on TV of all the takeaways and fast food restaurants and instantly want what they see. I would slave away in the kitchen only for the kids to pick at the food, then it ends up going in the bin so of course I would find the easy way out and buy a takeaway but it doesn't mean I'm happy with it."

She continued to say: " Don't get me wrong it's not always like this, I find it easiest on weekends to cook proper home meals where I know what ingredients are going into my child's food "

Through observing K's children the older ones was asked if they knew what they were putting into their bodies when it came to snacks and their thoughts on it, as well as just observing the younger two on how they react when they were given a healthy meal in comparison to junk food. This can be evidenced in short video clips.

The findings revealed that children responded well to healthy meals if they took part in the preparation of the meals in comparison to when someone else makes it for them. K's youngest son said "I am going to finish this all up because i helped mummy make it". In a child's life sugar and junk food play a huge role, from having sweet treats at school on bake sales to following their parents shopping and seeing all the colorful processed food available to them, there is nothing wrong with it as long as it is controlled. K said she replaced processed food with exotic fruits that the children enjoyed such as mango's, pineapples, melons and much more. the traditional sentence of "If you don't finish your food you wont get a chocolate or cake" turned into "finish your dinner so we can have some yummy mango's" this made meal times exciting for her kids.

Overall, it can be said that through observing K and her family, the supermarkets and stores play a huge part in their relationship with sugar and food. Especially being a single parent sometimes she found herself going for the offers shown on telly as well as the supermarkets, she says "it is a constant battle, when you don't have a second pair of hands helping you with the daily routine. It isn't easy but I am determined to make healthy eating a priority in my household".

Social Media Health Campaign

De Montfort University's TECH3022 module Advanced Social Media Production Started a healthy eating campaign to raise awareness of sugar and carbs found in food mainly processed. The students came together to discuss ways in which they could achieve this, in which they came up with the idea of doing a campaign during 16th-20th March 2015 (Week 22), the events campaign shall take place on the De Montfort University campus.

The Campaign  :

Who - The target audience for this campaign are the first and second year students at De Montfort University

Where - The events for the campaign shall take place outside the De Montfort University campus centre

How - Within the health for students campaign there are 4 groups, these groups include Events, Media, Social media, and web design. Each group has their own set of roles to contribute towards the campaign as follows:

  • Events team organizes and plans events that shall happen during the campaign period
  • The media team shall record footage leading up to the events as well as on the events days, capture pictures, create posters and flyers and distribute to the social media team
  • Social media team manage all the social networks such as twitter, Facebook, and instagram. Making sure that the public is aware of the campaign
  • Wed design team works on the graphics and design of the No quarter given website

When - The campaign shall take place from the 16th - 20th of March an approximate period of 1 week. The campaign will enable students to participate in healthy games and activities as well as purchase healthy goods at an affordable cost.

Zamzam's Contribution

As Zamzam is part of the media team for the health for students campaign, her contribution to the campaign consisted of the following:

  • Creating a YouTube account
  • Creating a popup banner for the campaign
  • Uploading videos to the YouTube page
  • Capturing Video content before, on and after the events
  • Promoting the campaign on Demon FM

Zamzam has added content to the:

- Timeline of the production plan which includes the introduction and input to week 12, 13, 14, 19, 20, and 22 this can be evidenced of the following link Timeline

- Media section of the production plan Media

- Media platforms section for the YouTube account Media platforms

- YouTube section of the production plane YouTube

- A brief description on the food literacies section of the production plane Food literacies

- Self assessment video Zamzam Maganga Self assessment video

- This link shall direct you to Zamzam's blog Blog