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Bede Hall courtyard

Bede Hall is located on the edge of campus by the River Soar, With 228 rooms over three floors, Bede Hall surrounds a grassed courtyard with benches and is configured as units of ten single study bedrooms with their own hand basin, shared kitchen and bathroom facilities. Bede hall is just over 10 minutes’ walk from the city centre, and is ideally located within 5 minutes of Tesco Metro, the DMU Queen Elizabeth VI Diamond Jubilee Sports Centre and most of the DMU Campus buildings. There is 24 hour security here, and you gain access to the building through a DMU student card.


Each flat has 2 communal toilets and 2 communal showers. Flats that have disabled access have 8 rooms of a slightly larger size, and larger toilet and shower spaces. Each kitchen has a slightly different size and layout, however they are all fairly large. They all consist of 3 cookers, 2 sinks, a microwave, toaster and kettle. There is a small dining table and chairs provided. There are numbered cupboards provided to match residents door rooms, so they have allocated spaces to keep crockery and utensils. These also have locks on.

Rent and prices

All rooms are the same, they all have a single bed, wash basin, wardrobe and desk included.

Room Full Payment Three Instalments Four Instalments
Single Room £3776.14 (minus 5%) x2 £1,258.71
x1 £1258.72
x3 £994.03
x1 £994.05



Bede Hall

51 Western Boulevard




+44 (0)116 255 6625

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