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This is the page for the DMU Netball club. Teams 1 to 3 are entered into the BSU league, and teams 4 and 5 play in a more relaxed, friendly league. There are 10 people per team, however only 7 people play on court at a time.


Goal Shooter - This position is only allowed in the attacking third of the pitch, however they are allowed in the D as they are one of the 2 shooters on a team. The Goal Keeper defends this position.

Goal Attack - GA is allowed in the whole of the attacking third as well as centre court. Their job is to help attack and bring the ball down the court, as well as shooting. They are one of the main positions in a team, and are defended by the Goal Defence.

Wing Attack - WA is allowed in the attacking third, but not in the D, and the Centre court. Their job is to assist the C and GA in attacking and bringing the ball to the net. The WA is defended by the WD.

Centre - C is allowed in every third on the court but not in either of the shooting D's. They are the most active player on the pitch, and they are an attacking and defending position. The centre starts with the ball in the centre circle at the start of each quarter and after every goal. This position is marked by the opposing Centre.

Wing Defence - WD is allowed in the centre third and the defending goal third. Their job is to defend the Wing Attack, preventing them from getting the ball.

Goal Defence - GD is also allowed in the centre third and the defending goal third however they are also allowed in the D. They have to defend the GA, preventing them from shooting also.

Goal Keeper - GK is allowed in the defending third only. They have to defend the GS and their main responsibility is to prevent the opposition from shooting.

Netball at DMU

Games are played away and at home in the DMU Queen Elizabeth VI Jubilee Sport Centre. Games last an hour, and are played in 4 quarters of 15 minutes. Man of the match is chosen by the other team after every game, and a players player is chosen by the DMU team. The season lasts from October to March.

Every Wednesday night there is a netball social held at Marz Bar in the center of Leicester. The other sports social clubs join the netball team and then everyone heads to the DMU Student Union.