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Dave Paget is a Senior Lecturer in Digital Media at De Montfor University / DMU with 17 years teaching and developmental experience in HE.

Dave specialises in 3D, VFX, and Photogrammetry related technologies, Video Post Production, and Photography/Image Manipulation.

He is also Deputy Programme Leader for the BSc. (Hons) Visual Effect (VFX) course, Final Year Technology Project Coordinator, and Link Tutor for the MA in International Film Production.

Previously at DMU he has been Programme Leader for BSc (Hons) Video and Animation Production, The link tutor for FdSc provisions at Confetti, Nottingham, and has written, lead and taught on a range of modules ranging from internet/multimedia development, TV Production, Programming for Music Technologists, Multimedia for Games and contributing to a number of Degree Programmes.

Before that Dave contributed to the Bsc (Hons) Broadcast and Multimedia Technologies at The University of Sunderland.

Outside of work Dave enjoys spending time with his Daughter, taking part in sports and fitness, enjoys listening to and participating in hiphop music, and was active in freestyle battle rap back when they used beats.

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