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Fandom is a term used to refer to a subculture composed of fans who share common interests.[1] Those who are part of fandoms also are so devoted to go as far as taking part in cosplays, attending conventions, learning a new language (real or fiction-based),[2] covering or re-writing music, or taking part in online communities that re-write existing fictions and creating sequels simply because of being so engrossed in a fictional world.[3]

Specific fandoms

Some fandoms tend to have names or phrases that are related to fans. These would be created by the fans themselves within an online community, and then become a permanent term that is used for that certain fandom. Popular fandoms include:[4][5]

The benefits of fandoms

Fandoms can benefit industries with a marketing and consumerist perspective. There is a strong clear relationship between the industries and their fans in which they both benefit each other.[6] For example, when an industry introduces the releasing of a new TV show or album of an artist, fans then will increase the hype of such news and post about the information online.[7] Some fandoms will go as far as funding projects which they wish to be produced, and that the industries need such communal engagement in order for it to go ahead.[8]