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Flipboard logo.

Flipboard is a popular multi-platform mobile app, providing people with a unique experience of reading and sharing the news. A wide range of news is available to users, giving them access to over 34,000 topics within the app.[1]


Flipboard was invented by Mike McCue and Evan Doll. Flipboard is an application that aggregates Twitter and Facebook feeds and reformats them in a flipbook style magazine.[2] The user then can find articles that they found interesting and use them to create a customised magazine.

The application's user interface is designed for intuitive flipping through content.[3] This is a unique and interesting way for users to access and read news articles. Cover stories come from all the Flipboard tiles, including social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. As the user adds more sources to their Flipboard, these posts will begin to appear in their cover stories.[4]