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The Demon Online is the website beind the newspaper The Demon created by students at Demon Media. It publishes 3 articles a day and also contributes to the paper which is released and distributed free of charge once a month around the De Montfort University campus.


Management Team

Editor- Adam Redfern

Deputy Editor- Chris Franklin


News- Katrina Chilver

Sports- Narmeen Kamran

Features- Emily Frost

Film & TV- Abigail Remmer

Music- Rachael Scarsbrook

Fashion- Anna Landi

Lifestyle- Victoria Cox

TheCWord- Daljeet Sandher

Comedy- Matt Watts

Societies- Letitia Young



  • News
  • Sport
  • Features
  • Film & TV
  • Music
  • Fashion
  • Lifestyle
  • TheCWord
  • Comedy
  • Societies

External Links

Demon Media Website